💡Quick Start

Usage flow

Step1: Sign up

Open the browser and enter the URL to sign up (https://app.toboto.com) .

Click [ Sign up] in the upper right corner and sign up with Email, EVM wallet and Sei wallet in the pop-up window.

Step2: Log in

After completing the registration, you can log in with the Email or EVM wallet or Sei wallet that you just used to register.

Step3: Bind Account

After successfully logging in, click "profile" in the upper right corner to enter the profile page. You can bind other accounts.

If you bind twitter, EVM address, and Sei address at the same time, you can log in Toboto with any one of them.

Step4: Earn more Points

You can earn Toboto points in the following ways:

  • Bind account include EVM address, Sei address, Email, Twitter, Telegram;

  • Follow Toboto X;

  • Join Toboto Telegram Group;

  • Experience ChatAI;

  • Participate in Campaigns;

  • Daily check in.

Step5: Participate in Campaign

Toboto cooperates with many excellent projects. You can participate in these Campaigns to achieve Toboto points, whitelists, USDT and other rewards.

Click [Campaign] to enter the Campaign page. Participate in Active Campaigns.

In the campaign detail page, complete tasks to win rewards.

Step6: Experience ChatAI

ChatAI integrates the LLM ( large language model) and feeds a large amount of encrypted industry data. ChatAI can serve as your crypto partner expert.

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