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About Toboto

Toboto is an intent-centric interaction platform empowered by AI, allowing users to easily conduct transactions, on-chain interactions, and data analysis by using natural language. The goal is to take the complexity out of Web3 so anyone can participate without needing to be a blockchain expert, making Web3 more accessible and simpler.

Toboto Pass

Toboto OG Pass(Supply: 1,000), a special credential exclusively designed for project partners. It symbolizes a collaboration pass card, granting access to specific privileges and benefits within the Toboto ecosystem. As a project partner, the Toboto OG Pass serves as a testament to our partnership and highlights the close cooperation between us.

Toboto Friend Pass(Supply: 10,000), a special credential prepared exclusively for our early users and contributors. As a recipient of this pass, you gain access to a range of benefits and privileges designed to enhance your experience within the Toboto community.

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