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Points System

We recognize that users play a crucial role in shaping the future of our platform. The support and participation from the community help drive further innovation at Toboto. We are committed to ensuring that all users of Toboto can enjoy continuous surprises. Points can be used in the future for various purposes, including but not limited to token redemption. Detailed scoring formulas and rules will be announced later.

Point Rules:

  1. One-time Points: Whenever you explore new features or undergo feature guidance, you will receive one-time bonus points.

  2. Invitation Points: Users can earn points by sharing their exclusive referral links and inviting friends to join Toboto (friends need to complete one transaction). We will send additional blind box rewards to the first 1000 users who successfully complete the invitation task. The methods to increase the number of invitation quotas and specific rules will be announced later.

  3. Login Rewards: Earn points through daily check-ins, with additional bonus points for consecutive check-ins. If there is a break in check-ins, the extra bonus points will reset.

  4. Transaction Points: Earn 10 point for every accumulated transaction amount of 0.1 ETH (both buying and selling transactions count, and the transaction amount is settled based on the price of ETH at that time). The daily limit for transaction points is 500 points, and any excess transaction volume will not be counted.

  5. Transaction Ranking Points: Users can earn ranking points based on the current transaction amount when trading on the Toboto platform. Points will be awarded based on the percentage of the individual's daily transaction points increment in the ranking order every 4 hours.

  6. Daily Project Interactions: Earn rewards based on the number of interactions with projects each day.

  7. Staking Rewards: When staking amount exceeds the threshold, receive a certain number of points for every additional month of staking.

  8. Project Application Rewards: Submit new project information and provide interaction suggestions and analysis for potential airdrops. Earn 200 points per adopted submission.

  9. Promotion Rewards: Send a tweet containing #Toboto and promotional images once per day. After 24 hours of the tweet being sent, calculate the "engagement" data points of the tweet and provide points rewards.

Important Notes:

  1. If any malicious behavior is detected regarding point manipulation, we will permanently reset the account's points.

  2. Toboto reserves the right to interpret the point rules.

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